The NANORESTART EU project website has been recently updated and expanded.

From a new section, called Press Release, you can download all the articles and press releases about NANORESTART.

In the new section Achievements, you can learn more about the products to be developed within the project and read about their application on real Case Studies.

The Project section now includes detailed information about NANOFESTART ObjectivesConservation Challanges and Work Packages.

In the redisegned News section you can find the most recent articles for each one of the four news categories on this website: Updates, Dissemination, Events, and Job Opportunities.

Remember that you can also visit the Facebook page of the project and subscribe to the Newsletter to learn about project's updates!


NANORESTART project was the subject of an article recenlty published in Sette, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera. In the article, an overview about the restoration of Picasso's masterpiece, The Studio, is given. The work is conducted by PGC staff in collaboration with CSGI within the framework of NANORESTART. If you want to know more about this Case Study click here.

To download the pdf of the article, click here. (Please note that it is in italian).

The team group of TATE currently working in the framework of NANORESTART, has some updates about its contribution to the project.

In order to test the novel systems that will be developed during the project, the team had to select some artworks to be included in the project. After a meticulous work, three artworks were selected.

Over the next months, mock-ups mimicking these artworks will be produced and artificially aged in the equivalent of museum conditions.

For further information, take a look at the NANORESTART section in TATE website.

Updates will be soon available there and in the Achievements section of the NANORESTART project.


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