The Nanorestart project participated to the second European Industry Day which took place in Brussels on 22-23 February. 

The EU Industry Day updated experts and stakeholders on the Commission's strategic approach to industrial policy and actions to further develop industrial competitiveness in Europe. It also served as a forum for stakeholders contributing to European industrial competitiveness to showcase their activities, learn from each other, discuss cross-cutting issues and develop joint visions for the future.

Recently, the CSGI consortium, Project coordinator, organized the "Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage" session in the frame of the NANOINNOVATION 2017 Conference, held  in Rome on 26-29 September. In that context, the NANORESTART Project results were presented.


Here a link to the NANOINNOVATION 2017 Website, and here a direct link to the "Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage" session programme.