Researchers from UCL have recently published a paper on the Heritage Science Journal about the preservation of rapid prototypes, which is one of the main goal of NANORESTART project.

The paper is entitled "Preserving rapid prototypes: a review", and it is authored by Carolien Coon, Boris Pretzel, Tom Lomax and Matija Strli?.

It has received attention and featured in the following blogs and websites:

The paper can be access for free from the Heritage Science Journal website.

NANORESTART partners recently presented some contributions, both talks and posters, at the ECIS 2016, the 30th international conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society, held in Rome 4th-9th September.

Here is the full list of works presented:

Piero Baglioni (CSGI), "A Journey through Time and Length Scales in Colloid Science"
Krzysztof Kolman (CUT), "pH-controlled assembly of nanoparticle-polyelectrolyte complexes and their application to modern art restoration"
Michele Baglioni et al. (CSGI, NMD), "Nanofluids and chemical hydrogels for the selective removal of overpaintings and undesired graffiti from street art"
Rodorico Giorgi et al. (CSGI, CNR-DSCTM), "Film-forming gels for the removal of corrosion products from copper-based artifacts"

NANORESTART partners (CSGIT-UCC and CNR-DSCTM) will be presenting an overview on some of the recent achievements in the frame of the project at the conference Nanoinnovation, held in Rome  20th-23rd September 2016.

This is the list and the titles of the talks:

Piero Baglioni (CSGI), "NANOmaterials for the RESToration of works of ART"
Rodorico Giorgi (CSGI), "Nanofluids for the removal of graffiti from Stree-Art mural paintings"
Daniela Iacopino (T-UCC), "Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for Characterization of Inks for Cultural Heritage and Forensic Applications"
Marino Lavorgna (CNR-DSCTM), "Polymeric Smart Coatings for the Active Protection of Modern Bronze Artefacts"

More information about the session dedicated to NANORESTART can be found here.