WP6 - CLP and toxicity assessment



WP6 aimed to:

  • Perform environmental impact assessment of the most effective and promising technologies developed in WPs 2-5;
  • Identify a set of indicators for evaluating the sustainability of such technologies and (related operations) including environmental, economic, social and technical aspects;
  • Develop a Weight of Evidence (WoE) methodology integrating the identified indicators into a technology-specific (semi-)quantitative sustainability judgment (i.e. the Sustainability Assessment methodology);
  • Incorporate the proposed Sustainability Assessment indicators and methodology in an ad hoc guidance document to support manufacturers towards the certification of their nano-enabled technologies.



Main results

WP6 completed the Environmental impact assessment, and then developed the WoE sustainability assessment methodology and a guidance document for sustainability assessment. For the first task, WP6 updated the CLP self-classification, additional ecotoxicological and colloidal characterization, as well as leaching testing and the safety assessment of the new formulations. For the second and third task, suitable criteria were selected according to the three pillars of sustinability (i.e. environment, economy and society) as well as technical criteria, and a MultiCriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodology for criteria normalization, integration and visualisation was developed. This application allowed to refine the sustainability assessment methodology by adding a new criterion and by further specifying criteria’s definitions and thresholds. The developed protocol can be used as a guideline for the assessment of innovative products for conservation of artworks.

Overall, the new products developed in the project show excellent to very good environmental performance.