Work package 7

Work package Leader: AIRI

Work package title: Industrial scale-up and exploitation of the newly developed technologies

Month(s): 19-42


The aim of WP7 was to develop an exploitation strategy for application and industrial take-up of the technologies developed during the project, with a focus in considering potential for commercialization within and beyond the cultural heritage sector. This was accomplished by the following tasks:
- Industrial Scalability: the results of the work packages WP2-WP3-WP4-WP5 were considered among with the environmental and toxicological impact toward the demonstration of scalability at industrial level (TRL 7).
- Key Technologies: analysis of results of other WPs (WP2-WP6), to evaluate and identify know-how, IP materials/technologies most suitable for application and industrial take up (within and beyond the cultural heritage sector);
- Application scenarios: analysis of potential application and market scenarios for the technologies developed by the project;
- SWOT: perform a careful analysis of barriers and opportunities of the identified Key Technologies, considering application scenarios against different dimensions (such as process scalability, costs, sustainability and regulatory aspects, standardization issues, socio- economical barriers, specific market features, etc..);
- End-users engagement: Exchange knowledge and interact with potential end-users on specific product demonstrators, to disseminate project outcomes and favour exploitation of results.


Task 7.1 Demonstration of industrial scalability
Task 7.2 Exploitation strategy design and IPR protection
Task 7.3 SWOT analysis of the technology solutions of the project
Task 7.4 Business plan and engagement with end-users.


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