Work package 3

Work package Leader: CUT

Work package title: Surface strengthening and consolidation

Month(s): 1-33


This WP addressed a crucial aspect of interventive conservation, the restoration of mechanical properties of a work of art. Examples are (i) painting canvases made of degraded natural materials, severely endangering conservation of the paint layer; (ii) the paint layer itself; (iii) degraded polymeric surfaces where plasticizers have migrated out rendering the material brittle. The development and use of nanocellulose in combination with nanoparticles and cellulose derivatives enabled the consolidation of fiber-based materials using almost entirely natural materials. Porous particles loaded with plasticizers were tested to restore the original mechanical properties of plastic and paint layers. The aim of the project was to test effective materials for potential application to real case studies that represented a real breakthrough in the conservation field.
During the course of the WP, the evaluation and validation of the tools and processes were carried out to ensure the transfer of knowledge to industrial and heritage partners.


Task 3.1 - Hybrid systems of functionalized biopolymers and inorganic nanoparticles for consolidation of fibrous materials
Task 3.2 - Functionalized nanomaterials for controlled release of plasticizers for plastic substrates
Task 3.3 – Assessment and validation of the new tools for strengthening of surfaces


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