Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera


The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, also known as the Brera Academy, is a public institute located in Via Brera 28, Milan. According to the current education program (MIUR), the Brera Academy is included in the university sector, in the field of Higher Education in Art and Music and releases first level diploma (equivalent alla laurea) and 2nd level diploma (equivalent to laurea magistrale). The Brera Accademy is one of the oldest schools in Italy, the emblem of history and reference point for many artists who made the art of our country. Ever since 1776, it contributes to the active dialectic between science, humanities and arts. The Academy features several collections, archives and galleries of both classic and modern/contemporary works of art, i.e.: the Collection of Sculptures and Gypsum Copies; the Historical Archive; the Historical Fund; the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints; the Picture Gallery; the Photographic Archives; the Contemporary Art Library of the Brera Academy. The School of Restoration of the Brera Academy was founded in 1997, with the aim of ensuring a specialized training in the field of restoration and conservation of contemporary art works.

Key Persons

Luciano Formica is the Coordinator of School of Restoration at Academy of Fine Art of Brera, and has a consolidated expertise in the restoration of surfaces and generally protected cultural goods, as well as in the development of restoration projects, choices of intervention methodologies, management of the work sites and relationships with Superintends. He has excellent knowledge of executive techniques and materials both in the field of traditional and contemporary art.




Patrizia Buratti obtained her Diploma in Restoration of contemporary art II level at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Academic Year 2008-2009) covering the following topics: Restoration of contemporary art, Restoration of metals, paper, photography, Applied chemistry for contemporary art, Problems with contemporary art, History of contemporary art, Languages of contemporary art, Aesthetic of visual arts, Methodology and techniques of contemporary, Museology and management of display systems, History of artistic techniques. She has worked as restorer, laboratory manager, technical consultant and head of working teams for several restoration projects dealing with modern and contemporary artifacts.