Commissariat à l'Energie atomique et aux Energies alternatives


The “Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives“ (CEA) is an internationally recognized research organization in the domains of energy, information and health technologies and defense. Its LITEN Institute (Lab. for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials, 1000 people, 770 patents) is a major partner of fab to lab R&D with 350 collaborative research contracts running this year. The main topics of interest include (i) Technologies for electric vehicle transport (fuel cells, Li batteries, H2 production, biofuels...), (ii) Solar energy for building (Si-based and advanced PV cells, electric and thermal systems, building integration) and (iii) High Technology industry (micro energy sources, organic electronic devices).

Key Persons

Stéphane Cros: Ph.D. in physico-chemistry in 2002 from the University Paris VI, working on multilayers structures based on nano-composite organic/inorganic materials. After a first experience in the field of polymer processing, he joined the CEA in 2004 to develop the thematic of encapsulation, gas barrier measurements and gas barrier materials in the organic photovoltaic team. Since 2005, he is working in the Department of Technological Research within the French National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA/INES).




Dr Solenn Berson graduated from CPE Lyon, France (Lyon school of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics) with a master degree in Polymer Materials and Composites in 2004. She got her PhD degree in organic photovoltaic field at the Laboratory of Molecular, Organic and Hybrid Electronics, CEA Grenoble, France. After an industrial postdoctoral fellow at the LIPHT in Strasbourg, she joined the Organic Photovoltaic group, CEA, INES, Le Bourget du Lac, France in 2008 as a postdoctoral researcher and since 2010 as a project manager for architectures and process of organic photovoltaic devices.