Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


The Institute of Chemistry at UFRGS consists of three departments: Department of Inorganic Chemistry (DQI), Department of Physical Chemistry (DFQ) and Department of Organic Chemistry (DQO). The Institute of Chemistry (ICh) provides challenging undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a broad range of chemistry related research programs. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most important human resource research centers in Brazil and Latin America and, yearly, around 50 new Chemists graduate at the ICh. The scientific production is around 140 publications/year in SCI indexed journals. The ICh offers a broad variety of courses, reflecting the faculty research lines that are in its majority of multi- and interdisciplinary character: nanotechnology, electrochemistry, catalysis, theoretical and computational chemistry, environmental chemistry, green chemistry, organic synthesis, polymers, oil chemistry, condensed matter, chemistry education and photochemistry. The Institute of Chemistry has traditionally strong worldwide collaborations, including institutions in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, USA, Canada, India and Australia, as well as in most Latin American countries. Innovation is also a strong feature of the ICh, developing joint projects with oil and petrochemical companies, including, for example, Petrobras and Braskem.


Key Persons

Dr. Henri Stephan Schrekker is Associate Professor of the Institute of Chemistry at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and, currently, he is head of the Department of Organic Chemistry. His main research interests include ionic liquids, bioactive substances, polymers, nanomaterials, catalysis and biorefineries. Altogether, these efforts are directed towards the development of technological processes, including the application of ionic liquids as multi- and antifungal agents. In 2007, he was the recipient of the DuPont Young Faculty Award, DuPont - USA. He is the UFRGS co-ordinator of the BETRAPOCYS project that is being funded by the EC. Furthermore, several of his proposals are being funded by Brazilian governmental agencies. He has authored 27 publications on international ISI journals with a h-index of 12 (ISI Web of Science) and 4 patent applications.