Aurelia Chevalier

Aurelia Chevalier works as a private painting conservator for French museums such as the Louvre museum, The Modern Art Museum of Paris, the Modern Art Museum of the Val de Marne, Beaubourg, or the Decorative Arts museum in Paris. A. Chevalier is also involved in the development of innovative methods in order to improve restoration treatments. Her goal is linked with the comprehension of physico-chemical properties of restoration materials on paintings substrates, and she published several articles on the subject.
The Atelier Chevalier enterprise will actively participate in the NANORESTART project dealing with the applicability assessment of developed nanotechnology on artworks. The assessment work will be focused on cleaning and stabilization of movable artworks (modern paintings, textile supports, modern sculptures). It will include preparation of samples and models for application tests, comparisons between traditional and innovative cleaning methods, refinement of the developed technology in order to maximize the efficacy of application methods. Atelier Chevalier will also be involved in the dissemination and training phase of the project through active participation to national and international conferences and internship of students.


Key Persons

Dr Aurelia Chevalier graduated in 2003 at the Institut national du patrimoine, restoration department in Paris. In 2005, she obtained a Master II degree in Art History from Paris Pantheon Sorbonne and in 2010, she obtained her PhD from Arts et Metiers ParisTech LCPI. AC has been working for 11 years on the restoration of Modern and Contemporary canvas, panel and wall paintings. The restored artworks provenience ranged from private collections to national and international museums (Louvre museum, Modern Art Museum of Paris, Modern Art Museum of Val-de-Marne or Beaubourg). She is specialized in conservation of modern artworks (Simon Hantai, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages, Riopelle, etc...). From 2010, A. Chevalier is in charge of the Paintings Cleaning course and Modern Art conservation at Paris I Pantheon- Sorbonne - restoration department (Conservation Restauration des Biens Culturels), where she teaches conservation of contemporary art, cleaning paintings, consolidation methods and innovation in the field. She is also teacher at the University of Bologna : Microchemistry and Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory (M2ADL) Department of Chemistry 2nd Cycle Degree Course: Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage (SCORE): PROCESSES IN CONSERVATION.
She is member of the CNAP commission: Commission du soutien pour l'etude et la recherche en matiere de restauration et de conservation d’œuvres d'art contemporain 2013-2016 ; and of CICRP’ Scientific Council Member (Centre Interregional de Conservation Restauration du Patrimoine, Marseille, France).
AC also works as Teaching fellow at Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, Conservation Cultural Heritage Master (Master de Conservation des Biens Culturels, UFR03), from Licence1 to Master 2 levels.
She was awarded with the European Award for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, EUROPA NOSTRA, Lisbon 2012, and the Bezier Award from Arts et Metiers ParisTech.