The Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of Materials (DSCTM) belongs to the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy that is the largest Italian research public organisation. The main CNR-DSCTM focal point is the “Chemical Manufacturing & Advanced Materials Technology” whose activities are developed on three research platforms: Sustainable Chemistry, Advanced Materials-Key Enabling Technologies and Nanomedicine. In the Sustainable Chemistry field, CNR-DSCTM expertise contributes to the chemical process innovation in terms of efficiency and to the exploitation of renewable feedstock and new technologies for energy development. In the Advanced Materials and Key Enabling Technologies field, CNR-DSCTM competencies include synthesis and characterisation of new polymeric systems also based on both natural and biodegradable materials. In the Nanomedicine field, the main aim is the development of new intelligent and multifunctional biomaterials (extracellular matrix analogues) for tissue regeneration, “drug delivery” procedures, drug discovery and bio-sensors.

Key Persons

Dr. Gabriel Maria Ingo is Senior Scientists at CNR-ISMN and his main research interests include surface studies of innovative technological materials and cultural heritage with a particular attention to the identification of degradation agents and mechanisms occurring in ancient artefacts to optimise and validate innovative tailored methods and materials for conservation. He has been co-ordinator of scientific projects funded by EC and the Italian Ministry of Research. He has authored more than 130 publications on international ISI journals with an H index of 26 (Google Scholar).



Dr. Michele Saviano is Director of CNR-IC and his main research interests lie in structural biology and chemistry: the relationships between structure and activity of numerous bioactive systems have been the object of his investigations, carried out with a variety of experimental and theoretical techniques, for the understanding of the mechanism of action of biologically relevant systems. In addition he has expertise in protein engineering for the design, expression and characterization of proteins with biotechnological applications. He is the recipient of several scientific project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research, by EU, by Private Foundations and Companies. He has authored more than 182 publications on international ISI journals with an H index of 25 (ISI WOS).



Dr. Marino Lavorgna is Researcher at CNR-IPCB and his main research activities include development of hybrid organic-inorganic coatings by sol gel approach and development of multifunctional materials by tailoring the surface and morphology of smart inorganic nanoparticles.
He has been co-ordinator of scientific projects funded by local and national government and he is component of a CNR spin-off company (Hypucem srl winner of the international award Polymer Challenge 2007). He has authored more than 70 publications on international ISI journals with an H index of 18 (Google Scholar) and 16 (ISI-WOS).



Dr. Gabriella Di Carlo is Researcher at CNR-ISMN and her main research interests include synthesis and surface studies of advanced materials with tailored nano-chemical, structural and morphological features to be used for sensors, delivery e micro-electronic devices. Another field of interest is the identification of the degradation causes acting at micro and nano-scale and the synthesis and validation of innovative conservation materials for metals and organic materials. She has authored about 45 publications on international ISI journals with an H index of 15 (ISI WOS).



Dr. Giovanna G. Buonocore is researcher at CNR-IPCB. Her research activities have been mainly focused on the use of mass transport properties (sorption kinetics and isotherms) as valuable tool for the design and optimization of multiscale structures. The acquired knowledge is used to study the plasticization of the polymeric structure induced by water molecules which influences mechanical and thermal properties of composites and/or hybrid polymer materials. She has been co-ordinator of scientific projects funded by national government. She has authored 50 publications on international ISI journals with an H index of 17 (ISI WOS).


Dr. Maria Grazia Raucci is Researcher at Institute of Polymers, Composite and Biomaterials - National Research Council of Italy since November 2011. Ph.D in Chemical Engineering of Materials and Production (Biomaterials). Her expertise is in the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid materials prepared by sol-gel method for tissue engineering, physico-chemical, morphological and biological characterization. Biological studies involves the effect of material surface on cellular behavior in terms of adhesion, proliferation and differentiation through the expression of specific markers. She worked as visiting researcher in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences University of Brighton, to acquire a new technique for the synthesis in solid phase of dendrimers and peptides mimicking growth factors for the bioactivation of material surface and injectable gel for substitutive tissues. To date, she has published over 45 papers on national/international journals, 2 book chapter and about 65 abstracts for conferences (H-Index: 12 Google Scholar).