NANORESTART partners (CSGIT-UCC and CNR-DSCTM) will be presenting an overview on some of the recent achievements in the frame of the project at the conference Nanoinnovation, held in Rome  20th-23rd September 2016.

This is the list and the titles of the talks:

Piero Baglioni (CSGI), "NANOmaterials for the RESToration of works of ART"
Rodorico Giorgi (CSGI), "Nanofluids for the removal of graffiti from Stree-Art mural paintings"
Daniela Iacopino (T-UCC), "Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for Characterization of Inks for Cultural Heritage and Forensic Applications"
Marino Lavorgna (CNR-DSCTM), "Polymeric Smart Coatings for the Active Protection of Modern Bronze Artefacts"

More information about the session dedicated to NANORESTART can be found here.

UCL researchers, partners of the NANORESTART project, presented a contribution entitled "Islamic Paper Detective: Survey of the Wellcome Library Collection" during the the 2016 SEAHA conference in Oxford, 20-21 June, 2016.

A contribution entitled "Nanostructured SERS substrates for highly sensitive detection of degradation products of modern paintings" was presented by a researcher from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC), partner of the NANORESTART project.

The book of abstract of the conference can be downloaded here.

Katherine Curran, from UCL, partner of the NANORESTART project, gave a presentation entitled "Using solid-phase micro-extraction gas chromatography mass spectrometry (SPME-GC/MS) and fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy for the analysis of modern polymeric materials in historic collections: a case study of handbags in the Museum of London" during the  4th International Congress on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, which took place in Brussels 6-8 July 2016.

EUROCORR 2016, the annual event of the European Federation of Corrosion, will take place in Montpellier, France, from 11 to 15 September 2016.

On Monday 12th September, researchers of the National Institue of Chemistry in Slovenia, partners of the NANORESTART project, will give a presentation entitled "Development of protective coatings for bronze objects", about their work in the framework of the NANORESTART project.

The scientific program is available on the official website of the conference.

NIC researchers, partner of the NANORESTART project, are going to present their work on electrochemical gas sensors at ESEAC 2016 (16th International Conference on Electroanalysis). The Conference will be held in the Assembly Rooms, Bath, UK, from 12th to 16th June 2016.

The presentation given by Eva Menart is entitled "Novel electrochemical gas sensor for formaldehyde detection".

Further information about ESAC 2016 can be found on the official website.

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