The TATE NANORESTART science team has been focusing on the cleaning of “Addendum”, a 1967 work of art by Eva Hesse, finalising the mock-ups and carrying out an extensive cleaning system evaluation and refinement process.

Once the most promising cleaning solutions were identified, they started to evaluate which was the most effective and safe way to apply them onto the sculpture.

Alongside applications using cotton swabs and cosmetic sponges, different types of gels were also prepared, including the new polyvinyl alcohol/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVA/PVP) and polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)-based gels synthesised by the NANORESTART lead partner CSGI during the Project.

Further information about this part of TATE work is reported on the TATE website.

Updates will be soon available there and in the Achievements section of the NANORESTART project.