NANORESTART partners (CSGI, T-UCC and CNR-DSCTM) will be presenting an overview on some of the recent achievements in the frame of the project at the conference Nanoinnovation, held in Rome  20th-23rd September 2016.

This is the list and the titles of the talks:

Piero Baglioni (CSGI), "NANOmaterials for the RESToration of works of ART"
Rodorico Giorgi (CSGI), "Nanofluids for the removal of graffiti from Stree-Art mural paintings"
Daniela Iacopino (T-UCC), "Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for Characterization of Inks for Cultural Heritage and Forensic Applications"
Marino Lavorgna (CNR-DSCTM), "Polymeric Smart Coatings for the Active Protection of Modern Bronze Artefacts"

More information about the session dedicated to NANORESTART can be found here.