NANORESTART is focused on the synthesis of novel poly-functional nanomaterials and on the development of highly innovative restoration techniques to address the conservation of a wide variety of materials mainly used by modern and contemporary artists.

The complete list of the product to be developd within the project can be found here. On the same page, it will be possibile to have in insight at the ongoing research, with links to the main results obtained by project partners.

Developed products will be tested by conservators and restorers on representative case studies involving, among the selected works of art, outstanding masterpieces of contemporary and modern art, such as paintings by Pollock or Picasso.

After the assessment process, these products will be available on the market to end users. Here, it will soon be possibile to purchase some of the products developd within the frame of NANORESTART.

Several dissemination activities are organized by NANORESTART partners. Dissemination events may include practical courses, workshops and conferences, either organized by NANORESTART partners or congresses where partners present their work connected to the project.

NANORESTART is even on Facebook, with a page maintained and constantly updated by the project coordinator, in parallel to the website updates.

Finally, a NANORESTART YouTube channel is now active, where brief videos will be soon uploaded, describing the projects advancements or showing some of the products developed within the project frame.



Particularly interesting case studies

Complete list of the products to be delivered during the 3.5 years of the project

Products available on the market to end users

News about dissemination by NANORESTART partners

Events organized by the NANORESTART Consortium

NANORESTART Facebook page

NANORESTART YouTube channel